Henry Rouquairol

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Henry Rouquairol is an Angel investor, Startup

Having invested small amounts in stocks and commodities from a young age, Henry always had the passion for following and researching companies performances.

Although Henry always had the passion for investing it wasn’t until 2016 when he came across Ethereum, a blockchain technology, that Henry’s interest and appetite for investing grew into a full-time passion.

  It was around this time when his interest in blockchain technology became ignited leading him to research the fundamentals behind blockchain technologies, including bitcoin.

2016 was also the period when Henry started to interact with the Ethereum blockchain actively. The following year Henry was even able to help the community by finding a bug in the first day of ENS registrations.

In 2017 Henry started to trade more frequently and interact with other distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

It was also around this time that Henry started his Angel investing career. Over the years through reading and researching Henry had learned a great deal about what fundamentals a business needed to become a success and what caused certain companies to break out and become unicorns, bringing over a 100x returns to the early investors.

  Henry has built and is continually growing, a substantial network of founders, venture capitalists and investors across the globe. This combined with the love of helping and advising early startups are the reasons Henry started Angel investing. Henry has since grown from strength to strength by actively and methodically increasing his portfolio of companies.

Angel Investments

A list of Henry’s current Angel investments including investments in blockchain technology startups. Henry is also an adviser to a couple of these projects.


A few testimonials from founders Henry has invested in and helped.

“I first reached out to Henry in January of 2018 when PerchPeek was raising it’s pre-seed financing round. From our very first meeting, Henry impressed me with his intellect, big thinking and willingness to go above and beyond to help his investments succeed. One of the things I like most about Henry is that he doesn’t get involved with the games so often played in Venture Funding – his simple mission is to try and help the business grow as much as possible. This has shown itself in many ways for PerchPeek, whether it be promoting the company, testing the product or suggesting Marketing strategies. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henry as an Angel Investor to anyone!”

Paul Bennett
CEO @ perchpeek

“I met Henry through LinkedIn in early 2018 when Medvice was at its earliest stages of development. I cold called Henry when seeking angel investors, and not only did Henry hear us through one of our very first pitches, but he became passionate about Medvice’s ethos of (health)care, innovation and accessibility and offered to advise us through our growth as a company. Medvice has a stronger handle on the business needs of investors and how to interact with various social media outlets all thanks to his continued guidance and deep insight into crypto market trends. I am incredibly thankful for his guidance, resolve, compassion and faith in us as a team. Henry is an authentic believer in a world that integrates blockchain technology intrinsically in multiple fields, and as a startup his continued input is invaluable. When Medvice invokes real change into how individuals interact with their personal health and with primary healthcare services, we will all have Henry to thank for it.”

Breanna McDonald
CCO @ medvice

“I describe Henry as a person with a strategic and problem-solving mindset, open to challenge and ready to tackle the next problem. Henry is a very strong team player and is able to adress and observe conflicts from persepectives that others fail to notice. I’m happy to be working with him!”

Dr. Tareq Jaber
CEO & Co-founder @ medvice

“Henry is probably one of the most sincere and authentic individuals I have met. As our advisor, he shares traits of a humble, patient and passionate person. His knowledge and experience have helped us tremendously. Henry is a quality human being and is able to see the bigger picture of what is important in this world, in a down to earth manner.””

Dr. Ziyaad Jaber
Co-founder @ medvice


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